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Wow 4 months?

2010-05-11 04:10:50 by illingworthproducts

4 months already? Well it doesn't seem like that...

Anyways just though I would try do an update, I heard nothing from Incendation 3 I guessing its dead, I am focusing on my last few weeks of college now soon it shall be summer which will be awesome :)

As for animating, well not going to well. I tried working on another Madness animation which would be tottally different from a normal Madness movie, kinda like Xionico's Madness series where it actually expplaines the story, talking characters and yada yada yada. But its been put on hold, I been mainly focusing on my devinat art page, I am drawing shizzle and crap. Not going to well lol

Anyways thats about it, I got bored and wanted to update this lol!


What have I been up too?

2010-02-16 13:35:30 by illingworthproducts

Hey everyone I know I havn't said anything in awhile but though I would just do a quick update on what I have been up too lately.

Well basically no Madness plans anymore main thing I guess.

But I have made sommet similar which also has some Thign Thing elements, which I realised after 10 minutes after I was making it. Well basically all it is is a small 1 minute animation for a college competion which has to be related to any type of subject such as english, maths, science blah blah blah...

And I had this random idea of just a random violence fight featuring weapons related to lessons such as rular swords, pant brushes, bibles and staffs for religion studies and loads more. Its all done basically all I need is sound effects which I havn't found yet ¬_¬

But I may submit it sometime here see what its like if ya really want to. Problem is afetr 10 minutes of animating I relaised that the characters look dead on like Thing Thing characters and I dont wanna get in trouble at all, I would of re-done them but it had to be done in a month so I couldn't find the time. So bascailly going to put some discalmmer crap in.

As for anything else I am currently working on sprites again I am going to post some sprite tests hopefully some time but again we shall see.

Thats all stay tuned I guess and I am thinking of changing accounts if I am still animating.

Unfortunatly I have had a long think about this and I am ending all my madness projects, long reasons really so sit back and get comfy and listen to me story.

Its like this I was happy to do Incendation 3 recently but after it I was working on The Seeker 2 and was expecting to get alot done, I got about 40 seconds done and more and alittle but got messed up so I lost 10 seconds. This is because my laptop is crap for animating and cant do ANYTHING!

I have flash for no other computers and just dont like it, and this is not the only reason. Over the last 2 years I trie my VERY VERY hardest to make something good, but ya know tis not like anymore cause peoples effort can be good but there is always a guy out there that says "its just the same", which opened my eyes and makes me see that most madness animations are just the same now. All it is is just a dude running killing gets killed ressurection kills bad guy end, but its boring now there are some very very good like Smotez, LittleluckyLink, Xionico and such.

But everyone is doing the same thing which can be good or bad and as for me its bad. Look I gave it my best I had fun, met some cool people, had a laugh but Madness is just a common thing now. I think from now on I am going to just test some new thing spossibly go back to sprites or try doing some drawing animations, we shall see. But Madness was fun but for now its all to the professionals not a tribute artist that does the same thing like most people here.

Okay well last week I finished my part for Incendation but couldn't be assed to brag about it lol, so yeah its done now its 25 seconds long and should do alright and Smotez said it was really good.

So yeah thats done and right now I am starting my next project, well pre planning it after I finish this short Halloween animation for my Deviant Art page. I am going to make The Seeker 2 again which is going to be completely re-done.

Such as first off the story will be alot more realistic, and the cammera wont be really zoomed in it will be basic size so you can see everything. Also a big difference the characters designs will be redone, just happens like this...

It continues right before Eldred get shots and before Jesus fires a flash ahppens which change the characters designs and new names and just imagine that it was always like that, the names are kinda important it reflects who they are.

Also a few scenes will have a parodies version of scnees from the original madness series so I am adding a little comedy I guess.

So this project wll be started soon today I just finished the sprites and below is The Saviour and The Seeker, the 2 main characters I have so far, enjoy :)...

My part is done, starting new project :)

Okay first off I am sorry for pissing off alot of people these last 2 or 3 years but I finnaly got my act together and decided I am not going to quit my projects now.

Okay secondly this year ahs been very wierd since my computer problems I lost all my inspiration on animating and since then I have had 2 girl friends, been partying alot, passed my college exams, met new friends and alot more stuff, and thank you to Madness Day I got all my inspiration back thank you Day of the Madness.

Well first off I am re-joing Incendation and have started my part, its about 5-6 seconds and hopeing to get it higher probaly up to 30 dependeding how much I can fit in it, and I am really enjoying making it.

So soon enough it will be done just lets wait and Incendation 3 will be up, but everyone else is still working on theres so it aint to bad I got time.

In other animation news I have a short little halloween show in planned but featuring my sonic fan charatcers lol its mainly for DA but if it turns out any good ill post it here.

Anyways heres a new screenie with new Agent I now just Lee Illingworth, and all will be clear soon on what I am going to do in the future first off lets get Incendation done...

Bigger Image

Okay Back on track after 6-7 months...

What am I thinking?

2009-09-18 04:56:20 by illingworthproducts

Hey everyone long time no see, I am thiknking of changing accounts and restarting something but for now thats all I can say, if you dont read this ill guess ill see you another time cause I dont think ill be visiting much now.

Nothing planned yet but we shall see in the future see yall later best of luck to madness day for all of you...

Well its been awhile and I hav't really got much to say, just that my Incendation part is being worked on and I havn't really got any shows planned.

Lately I havn't had much ideas most of my old ideas are not going to come back like The Seeker will not make a return I am done with that, Orention is over with and a few ideas I said are over with.

After Incendation I am probaly am going to stop making animations because I am getting older and with my current state of like like college, exams, friends, bass, guitar, band and social life I wont have much time as I usually had.

So we shall see after Incendation, I also have a idea for a small animation but we shall see its absed of a game I just recently got.

Also because of the inspiration of the dude who made 'Pokemon Master' I may actually make a short random Pokemon series, but it will be like the Awesome series, but in my different wierd world lol, but problem is I am going to have to improve on my animating skills.

No screenshot or anything so catch yall later just thought I would leave a short post lol laters...

Back to help out with Incendation, the first collab was good, the second one went down hill a little.

But I am putting all my effort in this one and I just started my part now, so yeah this probaly will be my last but you know I gotta do this.

Special thanks to Smotez for giving back my inspiration =)

Quick preview...

Back for once more...

Had it with the lack or spirit here...

People cant see that Gabirel is a good animator just because he is FPF?

And people think my animations suck... and yes they do suck...

Fuck it leaving I aint going to both making sommet new if its going to get blammed...

And also Incendation was a fail but always remember we tried our hardest... and we dont need an award for it...

I aint leaving newgrounds just Illingworth Productions for good its all over...

Well it is finnaly out after soo long, its been threw alot of shit such as...

. People leaving the collab
. Me causing problems
. Behind on relase date

But we finnaly got it out, and heres the link for those who wanna see it...

Madness Incendation II

Well right now I am starting my next project, it still is a secret and my first screen shot will be out soon hopefully, or link or anything that relates to it.

All you need to know it will be out for Madness day.

Anyways thats about it I am going to be back on track now so lets hope I will do better then last time lol, by the way heres a photo after my eye operation last week enjoy :P...

Incendation II is out, also next project...