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Need some big Inspiration Boost...

2008-06-25 13:40:51 by illingworthproducts

Currently I am lacking on alot of my work I dont know why but it is a problem towards my animating, I am lacking alot of Inspiration and Creativity and its annoying cause I had alot of it over the last week when starting 'Madness The Seeker'.

And I have also had some bad comments on how I am using lips for my Eldred character, but I have gotten rid of it and LISTEN NOW...

The lips only appear on my new Display Picture and Page Header but they now DO NOT appear on my madness animations, I only used the lips since Eldred in real life has lip piercings or snakebites as we call them here.

Also I have joined Gabirel Barsch collab since I am getting bored of doing full Madness animation, and soon I am getting a job so its going to be hard for me to animate along with going to colledge and all. But hopefully I am only working on weekends and I will have time at nigth to continue my projects.

My TooDo list...

Madness Orention 2 = 25% done
Madness The Seeker = 13 done
Sprite Animation = 5% done
Sonic Shorts Collab 3 part (redone) = 0% done
Ultimare collab 2 part = I am using a scene from Madness The Seeker so it will be done soon

So thats all no new screenie I just decided to do this little thing enjoy... NO LIPS!!!

Need some big Inspiration Boost...


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2008-06-25 13:47:34

K I will await, make it good

illingworthproducts responds:

Okay man I will


2008-06-25 15:25:22

I shall give you motivation, How i hear you asking?

illingworthproducts responds:

I thought I could just watch some decent madness animations and get it all back again is'nt that good?