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Entry #66

Wow 4 months?

2010-05-11 04:10:50 by illingworthproducts

4 months already? Well it doesn't seem like that...

Anyways just though I would try do an update, I heard nothing from Incendation 3 I guessing its dead, I am focusing on my last few weeks of college now soon it shall be summer which will be awesome :)

As for animating, well not going to well. I tried working on another Madness animation which would be tottally different from a normal Madness movie, kinda like Xionico's Madness series where it actually expplaines the story, talking characters and yada yada yada. But its been put on hold, I been mainly focusing on my devinat art page, I am drawing shizzle and crap. Not going to well lol

Anyways thats about it, I got bored and wanted to update this lol!



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2010-05-19 21:16:09

nice man, even though you havent animated in a bit, at least you still want to do some madness, keep it up bro


2011-07-26 19:58:00

Holy shit you died.


2012-05-31 08:27:45



2013-06-24 10:42:21

It sucks that you're never on Newgrounds anymore (who is, anyway?). It's been far too long, and I just want have a chat with the people I used to be friends with here on NG, you know? I hope you get to read this comment, and if you do, please PM me. :-)